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Symbiota 1L Glass Jar

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Symbiota 1L glass jar to fit one-way airlock lids, glass weights, elasticated cotton top lids and sprouting lids. 

Each jar comes with:

Engraved logo (Note: this is not a sticker or painted)
A Metal seal
A stainless steel ring/band to prevent rusting like other metal rings. 

Symbiota 1L Glass Jar Packaging

Symbiota 1L Glass Jar


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Very happy with my Symbiota 1L Glass Jar - I use it often

Fair but could be better For price

I love your products, happy with all ingredients etc, sadly with a little disapointment with these pretty jars. The engraved pretty logo is why I brought your jars and for its fair price but sadly after 2nd wash, the colour does wash off. The other sad thing is, for the amount of ingredients you need to place in jars, it brings liquid to the brim, making their cloth hats wet :-( ... Maybe going to a 1200ml jar for first ferments, would be ideal and use these jars for 2nd ferments? And sourcing a wider mouth jar would be great for your products, so you can get a average to large hand size into jars to clean bottoms (a dish brush is just extra waste for planet ) ... Happy and love everything else. Thanks for the starter kits and jars :-) I'll use jars else where in kitchen tho and have to source else where

Hi Vanessy. Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback. I am intrigued to know how the logo has come off- these are engraved (not printed). It is best to fill your jars to the shoulder of the jar depending on ferments- usually 3-4 cups. I will definitely take your feedback into consideration for future improvements- thank you.


quick and speedy delivery thanks product good and can't wait to use products when kitchen reno completed


Works well and tastes good

Ok, but expected better for the price

Unfortunately none of the lids seal on the jars and I expected them to be made of sturdier glass and have nicer edges than they have. Not that it matters, but the logo rubbed/washed off first wash.

Thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. Over the past year we have not had any issues with our jars and the lids sealing. If this is an issue we are more than happy for you to return the jars so we can inspect them and replace them if something is not right. Fortunately our Symbiota logo is engraved into the glass so it cannot ever wash off. We are more than happy for you to return these jars and have them replaced if there is a fault.