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Welcome to Symbiota.

As a psychology master’s student, I sparked an interest in the close connection between gut health, physical health and mental wellbeing.

Fermentation was not new to me; I grew up rurally where preserving food was the norm. I have always been passionate about helping people and so Symbiota was an additional way in which I could support people in using fermented foods to enhance their health and connect to their ideal self.

Symbiota offers you the opportunity to connect to traditional knowledge of fermenting, to live symbiotically with foods and nature and to spend quality time with family over the art of fermentation as well as sharing your ferments with family and friends. 

I noticed problems people were facing with fermentation products on the market and I chose to meet all these needs: beautifully custom designed products that were easy and safe to use. 

In a world where most businesses focus on quantity of sales, Symbiota set’s itself apart with outstanding customer support, superior quality products and the finer attention to detail.

You become part of our family. 

We love supporting people starting out on their own personal journey of fermentation, to become confident and avid fermenters and enjoying more from life. 

If you are new to fermentation, please be assured we will support you each step of the way. We love watching the journey of customers who have never fermented before, to becoming avid fermenters! If you would like to find out more about fermentation, hop over and read this blog

Welcome to the Symbiota family, I look forward to hearing your successes and supporting you with your fermentation challenges. 

- Amber