Amber Fairweather is on a mission to empower New Zealanders to improve their lives through good gut health.

Symbiota is the new way to source custom-designed superfood vessels (ceramic fermentation pots), yoghurt making kits, nut milk kits and pickling kits.
Whangarei wife and mother of three, Amber grew up rurally, and was taught from a young age to live in harmony with the land. She was influenced by her mother, who used fermentation to promote wellness for her family, long before ‘gut-health’ became a buzzword.

While the art of fermentation is still gaining traction as a mainstream practice in New Zealand, it is far from a new concept, having been around for thousands of years. For this reason Amber is often baffled by how far removed the average diet is from its origins.

Modern research shows that fermented foods are nutrient-dense and one of the highest sources of probiotics. The amazing properties of the probiotics and their ability to diversify gut microbiota is celebrated by the Symbiota brand name and the practice of living ‘symbiotically’.

Now a trained teacher, Amber juggles family life in beautiful Northland, with a Masters in Psychology through Massey University.
It is the relationship between mental health and gut health that really inspires her, and through Symbiota she hopes to educate others in the benefits of fermentation, while providing convenient superfood vessels and fermentation kits for beginners through to enthusiasts.