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by Amber Fairweather •

How to make Skyr Yogurt

Symbiota Active Skyr Yogurt Instructions Skyr yogurt is a traditional Icelandic dairy product enjoyed for centuries. Similar to Greek yogurt, it boasts unique characteristics and benefits, including higher protein content, making it ideal for snacks and high-protein meals. Skyr can be made with both full-fat and low-fat milk. For an extra thick and creamy texture, strain the yogurt after fermenting. Though some use rennet for more defined curds and whey, it's not necessary. You can strain your yogurt using a Symbiota Nut Milk Bag, cheesecloth, or a clean dish towel in a colander. Making Skyr Yogurt Using the Backslop Method Making Skyr yogurt at home using the backslop method (reserving a little from each batch to inoculate the next batch) is simple and rewarding. You can store your fermented Skyr yogurt in the fridge for up to 7 days. It is best to reculture your yogurt every 5 days to maintain good probiotic health. Therefore, ferment enough yogurt for 5-7 days' worth.  Ingredients 3 tablespoons of active Skyr yogurt starter culture (supplied in white pouch or from your previous batch) 3 cups of fresh, high-quality dairy milk Equipment Clean glass jar or container Spoon Pot Cotton cloth or lid Instructions Prepare Your Equipment: Ensure all your equipment is clean with any soap thoroughly rinsed off. Prepare the Milk: Heat the milk to 100°C to kill any unwanted bacteria. This step is crucial for achieving a thick, creamy consistency and providing the Skyr microorganisms an environment where they do not have to compete against other microorganisms. Let the milk cool down to 43°C. Use a food thermometer to check the temperature. Inoculate the Milk: Add 3 tablespoons of active Skyr yogurt starter culture to the cooled milk. Mix thoroughly but gently using a spoon. Ensure the starter is evenly distributed but avoid introducing bubbles into the milk (do not whisk). Ferment the Yogurt: Pour the inoculated milk into a clean glass jar or container. Cover the jar with a cotton cloth or lid to allow air circulation while keeping contaminants out. Keep your ferment warm at 40-43°C for 5-12 hours, or until the yogurt has set and thickened. Check for Fermentation: After 5 hours, check the yogurt. It should have a thick consistency and a slightly tangy flavor. If it hasn't set, let it ferment for a few more hours, checking periodically. Strain and/or Chill the Yogurt: Once the yogurt has set, place the jar in the fridge for a few hours to enhance the flavor and texture. If you want a very thick Skyr, you can place the yogurt in a nut milk bag, cheesecloth, or lined colander and strain it for several hours in the fridge.. Reserve Starter for the Next Batch: Before consuming the Skyr yogurt, reserve 1 tbsp culture per 1 cup of milk for your next batch. Store this reserved starter in a separate, clean container in the fridge as backup.