Fermenting Vegetables

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May 26 2020
Firstly thank you to all our customers who have shared their fantastic fermentation results!  We love hearing from yo...
Lacto Fermented Ketchup

Lacto Fermented Ketchup Recipe

May 26 2020
You will need Symbiota Lacto Fermented Vegetable Kit (or similar) Ingredients  1 400g can of tomato paste ¼ cups Worc...
Home made nut milks

Correctly preparing grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.

May 13 2020
Did you know that you should be soaking your nuts and seeds before eating them? Traditionally, before consuming, huma...
Fermented Vegan Cream Cheese

Vegan Cream Cheese

May 07 2020
Making vegan cheese could not have been more simple with this delicious Symbiota Vegan Cheese Recipe.  Have you got s...
Jun Kombucha Scoby

What is Jun Kombucha and how do you make it?

April 30 2020
What is jun kombucha? Jun kombucha is made from green tea and honey, instead of black tea and sugar. It results in a ...
Symbiota Sourdough Starter

Symbiota Sourdough Starter Recipe

April 02 2020
With wild yeast being the key ingredient while preparing your sourdough starter, this recipe will be the basis for ma...
Ginger Beer Plant

Caring for your ginger beer plant

March 28 2020
Caring for your ginger beer plant culture
Water Kefir Grains

Caring for your water kefir culture

March 28 2020
Caring for your water kefir culture
Milk Kefir Grains

Caring for your Milk Kefir culture grains

March 28 2020
Caring for your milk kefir culture
Kombucha, kombucha tea, kombucha scoby

Flavouring Kombucha

March 09 2020
Kombucha flavours
Milk Kefir Cornbread

Symbiota Milk Kefir Cornbread

February 19 2020
Love cornbread? Well why not try our milk kefir cornbread!YUM! Ingredients 4 TBS soft/slightly melted but cooled but...
Water Kefir

Yummy summer water kefir recipes!

January 30 2020
Been loving your water kefir this summer? How about trialing some new flavours? If you haven’t already made water kef...
Fermentation Pots

4 fermented foods to add to the Christmas spread

December 09 2019
Christmas is coming! A day where we all overeat, overdrink and indulge in sweets and treats. It’s a great time for fr...
Milk Kefir

All about kefir

October 07 2019
Fermentation is not just about turning your vegetable garden into something deliciously healthy to eat. You can also ...
Symbiota Sauerkraut Recipe

Symbiota Sauerkraut Recipe

October 06 2019
What you need: Sharp knife, large bowl/bucket, chopping board, cabbage, carrots, Symbiota Kraut Mix, Symbiota Salt. ...
Fermented Lunchbox Treats

Fermented Lunchbox Treats

September 30 2019
If you’ve started your fermentation journey, chances are you know the importance of feeding your bodyhealthy, nourish...
Fermented Foods, Sauerkraut, Kimchi

Fermented foods. What's the point?

August 16 2019
Fermentation is an ancient technique of preserving foods. Fermented foods include yogurts, kimchi, cheeses, sauerkrau...
Ginger Bug Recipe

Ginger Bug Recipe

June 27 2019
Ginger Bug Our ginger bug has shown to be really popular and a must in our household. Since running fermentation clas...
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