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Exciting news you've been waiting for!

by Amber Fairweather |

We have so many new exciting things happening at Symbiota that we'd love to share with you!

As you know, we are all about improving your experience and meeting you wants and needs!

Keen to hear about just some of the things we’ve been working on behind the scenes? Keep on reading…

Over the past year we have been working towards improving our packaging. We have now invested in, designed and manufactured our own pulp fibre packaging! That’s right! Now you will receive your fermentation pots, beautifully packaged in pulp fibre produced moulds. This packaging securely protects your pot during transit, is eco-friendly and sustainable too- yay!

Secondly, we are now happy to say we have completely switched all our sugars over to organic sugars. All our cultures which we nurture, and grow are now all grown organically.   


fermentation sugar


Thirdly... all our Water Kefir, Ginger Beer, Jun and Kombucha kits now come with all the ingredients you need to get started with your very first batch (apart from the water)! 

And last but not least...to accommodate peoples wishes to purchase water kefir and ginger beer cultures ahead of time of when they need to ferment them (such as upcoming birthdays), we are now also offering these cultures in dried formats.

This means that when purchasing these cultures, you can leave them for 1-2 months somewhere cool, or in the fridge for up to 6 months before fermenting them.

This has also allowed for many retailers wanting to retail our products the option now of having a shelf stable culture, especially with Christmas coming up so quickly.

How have we done this?

We carefully nurture our cultures so that they are strong and resilient before drying them out gently at cool temperatures so not to disturb the beneficial bacteria and yeasts. These dried cultures can then be fermented when you are ready just like you would with fresh grains. Providing they are fed and cared for, they will then begin fermenting and last a lifetime.


dried water kefir

We can’t wait to bring you more exciting news soon! In the meantime, do let us know if there are any products you wish to see join our range. We love hearing from our fans!