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Organic Sourdough Starter Kit

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What is sourdough bread?

Sourdough bread is well known for its tangy flavor, crusty crusts, and chewy texture. It is far healthier than store-bought bread as the process of fermentation breaks down the gluten, making it far easier for our bodies to digest. 

What is a sourdough starter?

Sourdough is a naturally leavened or fermented bread that does not contain any additives or use any yeast to rise. Instead sourdough uses a starter culture which makes it rise and gives it a sour taste. 

A sourdough starter is a wild ferment of water and flour which contains yeast and good bacteria. 

Sourdough starters can be used for much more than just bread. Some of our favorites are scones, waffles, crumpets and crackers! Check out our blog for sourdough uses and recipes!

Our sourdough starters take well to lots of different flours. In house they are fed mostly organic stone ground flour and organic spelt flour but you can titrate this starter onto a flour of your choice. 

How to make sourdough bread using a starter

Basic sourdough bread is made with sourdough starter, water, flour and salt. 

We also offer a gluten-free sourdough option

Each order receives instructions to get you started on your sourdough journey. 

This sourdough starter kit includes:

  • 1L Symbiota Glass Jar with one-piece stainless steel lid
  • Elasticated Cotton Top
  • Live, Mature Sourdough Starter (4-6 tbs). 
  • Instructions and recipe

An organic sourdough option is now available, please select from the dropdown options. 


  • Please use an urban address where possible.
  • Live cultures are couriered out on Mondays & Tuesdays. 

Jar of Sourdough dough rising in warm area

Organic Sourdough Starter Kit


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Kathy Renner
Great little starter

Hi, I love my starter. It has been making me and my family wonderful loaves of bread every weekend. Highly recommend

Sarah Mickan
Loving my sourdough

I have just baked my second loaf and it’s so delicious. A great quality starter. Many thanks

Gill Roberts

After failing to get a 'starter' to develop I bought one from Symbiota - and some flour. It sprang to life and has already helped me to produce several fabulous sour dough loafs. Great service, love the branding and the little 'hat' cloth cover is cute! Already ordered more flour and eyeing up the kefir starter - can't recommend highly enough. Thank you.

Brooke McCabe
Best kit for beginners

Easy to follow instructions. Produces amazing sourdough bread! Will recommend to every sourdough starters!

I LOVE my live starter.

I purchased a sourdough starter kit & I’m not disappointed. I’ve made so many loaves of bread in the last 2 weeks since I got it & it’s just SO good! Super fast shipping too. Highly recommend