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Ambers must-have equipment for the perfect ferment

by Hannah Geddes |

When I think of my must-have equipment, I think of what is going to make the job a success with ease. I am really time-poor and don’t want to be mucking around with contraptions to try to get a job done that still might never work. I will break down my must-haves into food fermentation and drink fermentation.

Food fermentation:


If you are planning any long ferments, a ceramic pot is a must. It keeps the environment stable and yields much better flavors than doing long ferments in glass jars. If you are doing shorter ferments +/- 2weeks, glass jars work fine but ideally ferments like sauerkraut should be fermented for a minimum of 3 weeks. 


A one-way airlock lid. Some people try to close their jars off with a screw on lid but this requires them having to burp them daily. Often when doing this method, ferments are not actually fermented for the optimum length of time. 

Glass weight

Both the one-way airlock and glass weight help minimise mould. The glass weight with a little knob-handle is easy to handle and it keeps produce submerged instead of using rocks, bags of water or bags of marbles like I have heard some people use. 

Drink fermentation:

Cotton tops

Our finely-woven elasticated cotton tops make fermented drinks so much easier to cover than using elastic bands, chux clothes, paper towels or cheese cloths with a coarse weave, letting in dust and mould. 

Some people ferment sauerkraut in buckets with plates weighing down the produce. Yes, we often can get away doing things in all sorts of ways but the problem is the number of times one has to throw away your ferments because they have failed from taking shortcuts isn’t worth it all. 

With the correct equipment and protocols, ferments can be successful every time. 

For a wide range of high quality stainless steel kitchen utensils, bowls and measuring equipment to help you with your next ferments, visit Chef's Complements. 

 If you are ever having any issues, give us a call and we will help you troubleshoot!