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Healthy Habits to bring into 2023

by Hannah Geddes |

And just like that, the Christmas holiday season is over and we’ve rolled into another year. It’s around this time, late in January, where those well-intentioned New Year's resolutions become a little harder to stick to and a lot of us find ourselves feeling like a bit of a failure.

It shouldn’t be this hard! So to help you out, we’ve picked our top 3 healthy habits to help you start 2023 right, without all of the pressure.

  1. Prioritise your mental health: your mental health matters. It affects every aspect of our lives and also impacts the lives of the people closest to us. Mental self-care looks different for everyone but can include things like time spent in meditation, a walk in nature, giving or receiving a massage, or learning the art of saying ‘no”. Take some time this month to figure out the little things you can incorporate into your week to nurture your mental and emotional health. 
  2. Up that step count: the benefits of walking go far beyond cardio fitness and include improved blood pressure, stronger bones, and reduced risk of stroke and heart disease. The best thing about it is you can incorporate walking into your day in small ways like taking a stroll around the block after dinner; it doesn’t have to be a big time commitment.
  3. Eat a varied diet: this means no “bad” foods! Labelling a food ‘bad’ can often drive us to crave it more. It's ok to have the odd treat, provided you are eating a broad range of foods with plenty of fruit and vege, and of course fermented food and drink. It’s time to ditch the scales and the “I must lose 5kg” mentality and swap it for a renewed focus on nourishing the body.