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Need more energy?

by Amber Fairweather |

More Energy With Fermented Foods: This Is How It Works! 

Are you looking for a natural, healthier, and safer way to boost your dwindling energy levels?

Adding probiotic-rich foods to your diet will do that and a lot more.

Here we show you exactly how fermented foods with an overabundance of probiotics can eliminate tiredness and replenish you when you’re physically drained.

Why You Become More Energized When You Eat Fermented Foods?  

In some cases, people experience a lack of energy because their body is unable to extract essential nutrients and vitamins from the food they eat.  So even a few minutes after taking a meal, they don’t feel as energized or active as they should.

Where probiotics come to the rescue is that when you consume them, they boost the growth of beneficial bacteria in your intestine. These good bacteria will then go to work during your mealtime. They will join forces with your digestive system to absorb all goodness from whatever it is you ate.

That way, your body gets maximum nutrients from all your foods, and you have more energy. However, when your gut flora have more of the bad bacteria and/or less of the good ones, the body cannot get as many nutrients from the food that goes in.

Therefore, you’ll notice you are always tired and drained even when you’re not hungry. It is not only the healthy gut bacteria that can directly give you an energy boost. On their own, fermented foods with probiotics can do that as well and in two separate ways.

Firstly, the healthy bacteria of probiotics can produce water-soluble vitamin C and, more importantly, vitamin B, which is used to produce energy in the body. Furthermore, the bacteria produce enzymes that help in breaking down foods in the intestine. As a result, your body finds the nutrients easier to absorb and use.