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Our top tips for fermenting drinks

by Hannah Geddes |

Before you begin making fermented drinks, there are tips you must know in order to have a smooth experience.

Basically, fermented drinks use a common method – allowing a drink to culture at room temperature for a few days down to several weeks.

Use a Starter or SCOBY

Most fermented drinks depend on a starter or SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), while some others use wild fermentation. The cultures start and maintain the fermentation process of your fruit juice, sweetened herbal infusion or other substrates with specific yeasts and bacteria.

Have a taste

The longer fermentation takes place for, the less the sugar content and the more sour it will taste. For food ferments, it is important to not taste them too frequently to start. Ferments such as sauerkraut need to get established for the first week before opening your fermentation vessel. On the other hand, fermented drinks such as kombucha and kefir can be tasted at any time. Every few days, you will notice the change in flavour of your ferments unfold.

Keep away from sunlight

Try your best to place them away from sunlight.


Fermented drinks can be flavoured with a variety of fruits, herbs and spices. It really is up to personal preference. Fermented drinks are perfect for beginners all the way through to the master-fermenter in creating dynamic flavours and even cocktails.