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Top tips for your food ferments

by Hannah Geddes |

In truth, you need some sort of inspiration before you start fermenting your food. Here are some tips that will be of great help. 

  1. Make sure you use the freshest and healthiest organic produce where possible. 

  2. Wash your hands properly and ensure you use clean equipment to avoid contamination. A clean environment matters too. 

  3. Sea salt or himalayan salt is very important when fermenting, as it is the basic ingredient for brine. Therefore, you should use high quality sea salt and not commercial table salt with additives. 

  4. Use only non-chlorinated and filtered water. 

  5. Keep all the ferments submerged under the brine always, and top it off with enough brine as needed. 

  6. Limit oxygen exposure by using a good airlock system. Check out the Symbiota glass jars and airlock lids. Fill the jar with produce up to the shoulder of the glass jar/ base of the neck. When using the Symbiota ceramic fermentation pots, fill them up to the line that goes around the pot.  

  7. Ensure you also ferment vegetables around 17-23℃. 

  8. Don’t forget to take note of the process using a journal. If you are nervous and want to ensure safety, you can use PH test strips to test your ferment (finished ferments have PH value of 4.5 or lower), but this is not necessary. Generally, when produce has been fermented for the correct amount of time, it will be below PH 4.5 anyway.