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JUN kombucha SCOBY (Organic)

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NOTE: Due to high demand next dispatch will be Monday 27th September.

Due to being a live culture, dispatch takes place on Monday and Tuesdays. 

Jun tea is similar to kombucha tea however it is prepared with green tea and honey instead of black tea and sugar. 

Jun kombucha is the result from the SCOBY eating the sugars in the honey during the fermentation process, leaving you with fizzy Jun kombucha!

Our jun kombucha SCOBYs are grown and nurtured under license so that when they leave us they are resilient and ready for their new home.

You will need honey and green tea (green teabags included to get you started). 

Kit Includes:

1L Symbiota Glass Jar
1  Stainless steel lid
One finely woven elasticated cotton top (patterns and colours vary)
1 Newly grown, well-fed and nourished Organic Jun kombucha SCOBY
Organic, biodegradable green teabags to get you started
+-1/4 cup of starter tea

Instructions, recipes and ongoing one to one support if required.

JUN kombucha SCOBY (Organic)

JUN kombucha SCOBY (Organic)


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Alyssa Keen

I am so glad I purchased the SCOBY. It arrived on time and has been a great investment.

Sarah A
She's loving her new home!

Our baby Jun arrived beautifully packaged in a seal bag in a box and she is settling into her new home in a big glass container on the kitchen bench in her honeyed green jamine tea. We haven’t yet tasted a second brew, but it smelled great as it was being bottled. Our favourite flavours to add are ginger, raspberry or blueberry. In the Middle East our Jun grew much faster and fatter and I imagine that temperature has something to do with it? Many thanks Symbiota, we’re looking forward to tasting Jun again very soon!

Hi Sarah
Thank you for your review. Yes you are absolutely correct. The warmer the temperature, the quicker it will ferment and the faster it will grow.

Shelley Vause
Jun kombucha

Great service excited to start brewing Thanks

Ana Collelo

The healthy Scobi arrived well packaged and ready for me to add to my kombucha.

Sonia Windley
JUN Kombucha

I have been making "normal" kombucha for a year now and having made my 2nd brew of JUN I'm now resting that scoby and making only JUN for the family.... it's much preferred by everyone. "Delicious goodyness" is what's asked for.