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Caspian Sea/ Matsoni Yogurt Starter Culture

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What is Caspian Sea (also known as Matsoni) Yogurt?

Matsoni yogurt can be conveniently and easily fermented at room temperature as it is a mesophilic culture. Matsoni is less sour than regular yogurt and has subtle notes of honey permeating through. It has a consistency of custard and is in between filmjolk and viili in thickness. 

How do I make Caspian Sea yogurt?

Simply add 1 tablespoon of active yogurt starter to 1 cup of fresh dairy milk. Leave at room temperature for 6-8 hours until it has set. Once set, place in the fridge. Always reserve a tablespoon to start your next yogurt ferment. 

This culture will keep making yogurt forever, provided it is cared for correctly. 


  • Please use an urban address where possible.
  • Live cultures are couriered out on Mondays & Tuesdays to avoid delays. 


Caspian Sea/ Matsoni Yogurt Starter Culture


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Michelle Smith
My yoghurt is not thick HELP!!

I am using non homogonised A2 milk in glass bottle and I have wrapped it up in towls and 2 days on the kitchen Island and still is not thick?HELP lol lol

Joanne Olsen

I’m still waiting for my order!!

Hi Joanne. I am terribly sorry to read of this 1-star review. We were in constant communication regarding this parcel. Your order was dispatched within 36 hours of receiving it 06/02/24. Unfortunately, we have no control over courier services, regardless of dispatching on overnight consignments and trying to track the parcel down with the service while keeping you informed. We very rarely have these issues with courier services and sorry for this unfortunate experience. Kind regards, Amber

Rose Norrie
It died in transit

I ordered this in the hottest time of year. The culture got nuked by the ambient temperature. Next time, I would order matsoni culture when it's nolonger 28C -31C during daytime in my letterbox!

Hi Rose, we are sad to see this review. If customers ever have problems, we always encourage them to please make contact so we can start an inquiry. Please feel free to email us to sort this out.

Perfect yoghurt

So pleased I tried this. The Matsoni yoghurt set first time from died. Has made beautifully mild yoghurt since.

The Best Yoghurt Overall

I Have Been Making Caspian Sea Yoghurt Now For Five Years. Every Batch Perfect, Thick & Creamy. We Put Our Culture Into A Old Copper Hot Water Cylinder In A Plastic 2 Litre Bucket With Lid, For Up To 16 Hours Over Winter & Up To 12 In The Warmer Months. I Usually Leave My Culture For 24 Hours After It Has Set In The Fridge As It Goes Thicker. We Add Chia Seeds, Frozen Berries & Honey To Ours & On Occasion Just Have It On It’s Own. Never Could Make Yoghurt Evan With The Best Appliance’s, So Was Extremely Happy To Find This Culture. Who Would Have Thought You Could Set Yoghurt Culture With No Thermometers. I Make Sea Yoghurt With 1 Cup To 2 Cups Cream & 4 Cups Raw Milk, But Any Silver Top Milk Is Fine. I Nearly Lost a Culture On 2 Occasions, So To Save It I Separated Just Enough Of The Set Yoghurt From The Whey, Refrigerated It For A Few Hours To Thicken It To Make Another Batch. Caspian Sea Yoghurt Is 💯 Full Proof & Way Cheaper Than Store Bought Full Cream Yoghurt. Love The Taste & Love Making Every Batch.