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Ginger Beer Kit (using organically grown symbiotic culture)

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Due to this product including a live culture.  All orders will be posted on Monday's or Tuesday's only to avoid parcels being held in post offices over weekends.

Ginger beer plant (GBP) is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast. Although a similar concept to water kefir; GBP grains are smaller, slower growing and have a sandy-grain like appearance, unlike kefir grains which are larger and rapid growing.

The ginger beer plant dates to the 1800’s and it’s thanks to The German Collection of Microorganisms and Cell Cultures Bank which was one of the few places that preserved these grains of antiquity before they became completely extinct.

Unfortunately, some sellers advertise ginger beer plants for sale when in fact these cultures are not genuine and are simply “ginger bugs” or hybrids from kefir grains.

Symbiota is extremely excited to now be offering this genuine ginger beer plant.

This portion of ginger beer plant is enough to yield 4-8 cups of delicious ginger beer within 7 days.

With the correct care your GBP will continue to grow overtime, and you can make larger batches of ginger beer.

Here at Symbiota we pride ourselves on customer care and provide ongoing support so that everyone can enjoy their fermenting journey feeling supported and confident. 

Kit Includes:

1L Symbiota Jar
1 Strainer
1 Tbs Ginger Beer Plant grains (enough to ferment 1-2L of ginger beer)
1 Elasticated Cotton Top
1 Stainless Steel Lid
1 Portion of sugar mix to get you started

Recipes, instructions and ongoing support

Ginger Beer Kit (using organically grown symbiotic culture) - Symbiota

Ginger Beer Kit (using organically grown symbiotic culture)


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mercy Shilpa
Does the job well!

We find the ginger beer produced with this kit has a lovely taste to it. Granted it is not as fizzy but that most likely is because we reduce the amount of sugar we put into the mixture and released the gas from the bottles every day! Only make a litre at a time which is just the right amount of our family. Find it super convenient to just sieve (the ready batch into bottles), squeeze (the ground up ginger into a new batch) and serve (the chilled ginger beer from the fridge!) with little hassle. Since we don't have soft drinks at home, this is nice to have in the fridge to offer visitors (young and old) who like a slightly fizzy sweet-ish drink. Everyone has enjoyed the ginger beer so far!

Deb Scobie
Ginger Beer

The ginger beer smells divine and tastes lovely. No fizz though. Followed directions to release the gas each day and ended up with flat ginger beer. Will leave the next brew alone.

Oriole Campbell
Ginger beer plant

Not very impressed with this. Because the grains grow so slowly, if at all, it takes a very long time to make enough for the family. The quality of the finished product is much like the drink which I produce from water kefir grains, which make much larger quantities as they grow and mature very quickly. Glass by glass, I can’t taste the difference.

Ellyn Kepple
Ginger Beer Kit .

Yes thank you all arrived safely... No ginger beer for me YET 😀
I used grated root ginger and nothing has really happened , putting ALL the grated ginger into the jar .... Will need to look at something else .

Cristina Yoko Dawson
Ginger beer plant

Great product.