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Jun Kombucha Kit (using organically grown Jun SCOBY)


What is Jun Kombucha?

Jun Kombucha is a popular variation of kombucha made with green tea and honey, as opposed to black tea and sugar. It is known for having a lighter flavor and effervescent body. It is brewed using a special Jun SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) and is packed with probiotics and antioxidants that promote good gut health. Jun Kombucha is an excellent alternative to sugary drinks and can be a refreshing and delicious addition to any diet.

How do I make Jun Kombucha?

Jun is easy and safe to make. Add honey to your steeped green tea. Allow to cool to room temperature, add your jun scoby and leave to ferment for a few days. Drain your fermented jun kombucha while reserving your scoby and some liquid for your next ferment. You can either consume your jun as is, or you can bottle it for a second-stage ferment where you can add flavor and naturally carbonate it further. 

What does my kit include?

  • 1L Symbiota Glass Jar
  • 1  Stainless steel lid
  • One finely woven elasticated cotton top (patterns and colours vary)
  • 1 Newly grown, well-fed and nourished Organic Jun kombucha SCOBY
  • Organic, biodegradable green teabags to get you started
  • +-1/4 cup of starter tea
  • Instructions, recipes and after-sales support if required.


  • Please use an urban address where possible.
  • Live cultures are couriered out on Mondays & Tuesdays to avoid delays. 


Jun Kombucha Kit (using organically grown Jun SCOBY)

Jun Kombucha Kit (using organically grown Jun SCOBY)


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Great product and service

Joanne Barton

Is is great really enjoying

Nissin Browning
Easy to understand

I really appreciate the Kit, easy to understand and use. i was a little worried that the SCOBY was so thin but she works just fine. i am only using 1/4 cup raw honey and it works very well. Do you think the SCOBY will weaken if i use less honey ?

Shanny Jamin
Jun Kombucha Kit

Easy to follow instructions for an absolute beginner and now our family is enjoying gut healthy Kombucha. Thank you!

Maewa Kaihau
Excellent Support

Being totally new to Kombucha brewing I was very impressed with the level of suppport and communication in dealing with Symbiota. Every question and query was answered promptly (being new I had a few). Instructions were clear and the items were dispatched and received with no problems. I highly recommend Symbiota and am currently enjoying my delicious Jun Kombucha.