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Probiotic Kefir Soda- Mixed Box


4X Raspberry & Mint

4X Lychee

4x Watermelon

Finally, we have answered your calls and are releasing our very own Probiotic Kefir Sodas, brewed from our Premium Water Kefir cultures.

We naturally ferment our kefir sodas using real Water Kefir Culture, and only use real fruits. No extracts, flavours or sweeteners! 

No diluting, no pasteurizing, no cheeky short-cuts! Just 100% pure fermented Water Kefir suitable for the entire family. 

For your peace of mind, we test every batch for alcohol levels, and Symbiota Kefir Sodas have less alcohol than fruit juice and only 3.5% sugar.  

These are the perfect substitute for that afternoon drink, vegan and guilt free!


Please provide an urban address for our Probiotic Kefir Sodas. Please note, ideally these should be chilled on arrival as they are alive and should be stored below 5 degrees once delivered. 

Probiotic Kefir Soda- Mixed Box


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Donna Macleod

Loved the soda but did find it hard to get the top unscrewed… otherwise delicious

Tasty, fizzy and good for you.

It was a winner in my household. 5 people and 2 boxes later. Great drink that went so quickly we just couldnt get enough. Glad there is something different out there for customers, especially in the fermented scene. Thank you.

Vishal Chauhan
Refreshing with increase in Good Gut Health

A good quality drink. Feel the goodness of the bacteria entering the gut. Highly recommend the product.

Kevin Pudney
exciting fizz

A very smooth drink that is very appetizing on the pallet, a drink that will be a good thirst quencher during the summer months. Not sorry we have had the opportunity to try and will certainly re order