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Symbiota Vegan yogurt culture


Yogurt Culture Starter suitable for plant-based and dairy milk. 

Pure and concentrated culture for best results!

No fillers

No maltodextrin

Totally vegan but can also be used with dairy milks.  

Symbiota is extremely proud of offering a vegan Yoghurt culture which has NO maltodextrins, fillers or lactose! Vegan yoghurts tend to be thinner compared to dairy yogurts. 

Simply warm a good quality milk, coconut cream (or homemade nut milk) to 85 degrees Celsius, add thickener (if using), reduce temperature to 42 degrees Celsius, add your vegan yogurt culture and maintain your coconut cream between 38-43 degrees Celsius for at least 8 hours. The longer you leave your yogurt to ferment the more sour it will be. Many people use dehydrators, warm water baths, preheated ovens, heating mats, thermos and more to maintain the temperature of their yogurt at a constant temperature during fermentation process. 

NB: Please note it is very important to keep your culture dry. Therefore you MUST allow your sachet of culture to come up to room temperature before opening otherwise the air will condense on the culture and ruin it with moisture.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us for support, that is what we are here for:)


  • Please use an urban address where possible.
  • Live cultures are couriered out on Mondays & Tuesdays. 





Symbiota Vegan yogurt culture

Symbiota Vegan yogurt culture


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Larissa Allen

Symbiota Vegan yogurt culture

Ken Richardson
Strongly recommended

I've been using Symbiota Vegan yogurt culture for over 12 months now, and apart from going beyond its best before date it has worked extremely well.

I make 1.3-1.5 litre batches using So Good soy milk in an electric yoghurt maker and only a few grains of the culture are required per batch. A great example of science hard at work :)

Louise van den Berg
symbiota yogurt made with milk powder

I made yogurt using Symbiota Vegan yogurt culture. I used 190 grams of full fat milk powder, using a few grains of the culture for 2 liters of milk. Kept warm at 45 degrees for 11 hours and came out very thick. The finished product tastes okay (will try less milk powder next time). It looks a bit 'slimy' like glue, but tastes okay.
The product arrived at our house within 2 days of ordering. Good service, clear instructions.

Keeping culture dry

I have bought Symbiota yoghurt culture twice now. The first batch each time worked really well but although I was really careful the culture didn't remain dry. I wonder if it's good to use to make one really big commercial batch instead of single. I also wonder if it's ok to use when the culture goes clumpy?

My yoghurt

I bought Symbio culture because I wanted to reduce packaging. I transferred it into a very little container for the freezer. When I used it I probably used slightly more than the recommended quarter of a match head but was very happy that my yoghurt 40% uht coconut milk and 60% uht oat milk with 1tsp sugar after 12hrs in Easiyo thermos had a ph between 4 and 5 which is perfect. I then thickened it with about 2/3 tbsp guar gum and it is the best dairy free yoghurt I have ever made. I am delighted thanks