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Fermentation. What’s all the buzz?

by Laura Thompson |

Fermentation. What’s all the buzz?

With an increasing interest in fermentation, one could almost believe this is a whole new invention! However, the art of fermenting and preserving has been around for centuries.

People all around the world have used fermentation as a method to preserve foods through famines, wars, changing seasons; and of course, for their health benefits.



Sometimes I think the modern human gets stuck in its “superiority and mentally smarter” mentality. With all these “modern discoveries” about the benefits of fermentation, we’re left believing that fermentation and health benefits were historically coincidental, and its only now that we’re actually discovering the health benefits of fermented foods.

Let’s not forget the unbelievable and unfathomable way the pyramids were built, the high-tech features of the Colosseum including simulated sea battles, and the Nazca Lines. Even these remain fascinating to the modern human.

So, then what’s the buzz with fermented foods? With modern living having become so far removed from the source of how we used to live hundreds of years ago, there seem to be waves or “fads” that pass to regain some of these aspects of previous living, such as we’ve seen with the return of non-GMO and organic foods, natural birthing and breastfeeding where possible, plant-based diets, more conscious awareness around our carbon footprints, removing single use plastics and so forth.

Fermentation seems to be one of those “fads” that are riding the new wave. And with all the current research going on around improving gut health and our gut being labelled “our second brain”, fermented foods are really gaining momentum.

Fermented foods have proven themselves as the ultimate pre and pro biotic foods. Jam packed with vitamins and minerals, that are sometimes difficult to find elsewhere in a bio-available state.

The awesome benefits of these superfoods are their abilities to support your gut overcome “dysbiosis”, which is the imbalance of good vs bad bacteria. These benign and harmful bacteria get their chances to run rampant due to our lifestyle choices and what we consume; pesticides off unwashed fruit and vegetables, our sugar-loaded diets, processed carbs, antibiotics, poor dental hygiene along with modern day stress.

By consuming fermented foods, we are giving our bodies the support they need to enhance the way our gut bacteria work, growing and diversifying those colonies of good guys which will only result in better mental and physical health.