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by Amber Fairweather •

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What is Jun Kombucha and how do you make it?

What is jun kombucha? Jun kombucha is made from green tea and honey, instead of black tea and sugar. It results in a yummy jun kombucha, which tastes different to your usual kombucha. The SCOBY has been specifically designed to metabolize honey and so is very specific for making jun kombucha. One cannot use a normal kombucha SCOBY to ferment jun kombucha.   Jun Recipe (Do not use any metal instruments to make the Jun tea) You will need: 1 Jun Mother - SCOBY - symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast ¼-1/2 cup Jun tea - tea from the last batch you made. 1 litres boiled water 2 organic green tea bags 1/2 cup honey Add your tea bags to the boiled water and brew your tea, leave until cold. Stir in your honey (if not using raw honey, dissolve your honey first with warm water), with a wooden or plastic spoon until dissolved. Once tea is room temp, pour into a glass jar with your cup of Jun (from the last batch) and the SCOBY. Leave on your bench covered, for 5-7 days. Once the desired flavour is achieved, drain your jun kombucha, reserving ¼-1/2c jun kombucha and the SCOBY ready for your next brew, simply repeat the above steps. You can either consume you jun kombucha as is, or bottle it in a sealable bottle for a second stage ferment. The longer you leave your fermenting kombucha the more like vinegar it will taste. If you leave it for too long, your SCOBY will begin to get hungry and may begin to shrink indicating you really need to give it a new brew with more honey to eat. If you would like to brew larger quantities, your jun SCOBY will adapt. Simply adjust you measurement of tea, sugar and water. Ie for a 2L brew you will use your SCOBY, 2L water, 3-4 green tea bags and 1C raw honey. Our jun kombucha SCOBYs are grown and nurtured under license so that when they leave us they are resilient and ready for their new home. Buy your jun scoby here.