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How to make Jun Tea (Green Tea Kombucha with Honey)

by Amber Fairweather |

What is Jun Kombucha?

Jun kombucha, sometimes referred to the champagne of kombucha, is made from green tea and raw honey, instead of black tea and sugar. This gives Jun Kombucha a lighter and crispier taste than your usual kombucha which uses black tea and cane sugar. The Jun SCOBY (which is a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts) has been specifically designed to metabolize green tea and honey and therefore is very specific for making Jun Kombucha. 


What is the difference between Jun and Kombucha? (Is Junbooch the same as Kombucha)?

Jun and normal kombucha or Junboocha and kombucha differ in many ways. They require different sugar sources, teas and cultures


Jun tea requires green tea and honey to ferment. While kombucha requires black, green or white tea and sugar to ferment. 



Although both use SCOBYs, they require SCOBYs that have a different make up of bacteria and yeasts. In fact, their SCOBYs even feel different to the experienced brewer. Jun also has more lactobacillus bacteria and less acetobacteria than kombucha has. To brew kombucha you need a Kombucha SCOBY



Jun kombucha and conventional kombucha have distinctly different flavour profiles. Jun tea tends to be more delicate with floral notes, while kombucha is more tart, sour and less delicate. 



Both Junboocha and Kombucha ferment in similar ways, however, Junboocha ferments slightly faster. While you can turn a Junboocha around in a few days, kombucha.


Junboocha Recipe

(Do not use any metal instruments to make the Jun tea)

You will need:

1 Jun Mother - SCOBY - symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast

¼- ½  cup Jun tea - tea from the last batch you made (also known as starter tea)

1 liters boiled water

2 organic green tea bags

¼ to ½ cup honey


How to brew Jun Kombucha:

  1. Add your green tea bags to the boiled water and brew your tea. Let your green tea cool to room temperature. 

  2. Stir in your honey (if not using raw honey, dissolve your honey first with warm water), with a wooden or plastic spoon until dissolved. 

  3. Once tea is room temp, pour into a glass jar with your cup of Jun starter tea (from the last batch)

  4. Add your Jun SCOBY to your steeped green tea and Jun Kombucha Starter Tea mix.

  5. Cover your jar with a breathable cotton top and secure it with a rubber band so that your jun tea can breathe during fermentation. Alternatively, Symbiota offers convenient and beautiful elasticated cotton tops. 
  6.  Leave your jun tea on your bench at room temperature, for 5-7 days.

  7. Taste your kombucha daily until your desired flavour has been achieved. 

  8. Once your desired flavor profile is achieved (usually slightly sweeter than you would like), drain your jun kombucha, reserving ¼-½ cup jun kombucha and the SCOBY ready for your next brew. 

  9. Simply repeat the above steps to brew your next batch of fermented jun kombucha.

  10. You can either consume your fermented jun kombucha as is, or bottle it in a sealable bottle for a second stage ferment.

  11. If you would like to add flavours such as fruits, herbs or spices to your finished ferment; it is a good idea to add your flavours in for the second stage ferment. 

The longer you leave your fermenting kombucha the more like vinegar it will taste. If you leave it for too long, your SCOBY will begin to get hungry and may begin to shrink indicating you really need to give it a new brew with more honey to eat. 

If you would like to brew larger quantities, your jun SCOBY will adapt. Simply adjust your measurement of tea, sugar and water. Ie for a 2L brew you will use your SCOBY, 2L water, 3-4 green tea bags and 1C raw honey.

Our jun kombucha SCOBYs are grown and nurtured under license so that when they leave us they are resilient and ready for their new home. Buy your Jun Scoby or Jun Kombucha Kit today!


Quick Jun Tea Facts:

What tea can I use for Jun tea?

You will need green tea

How many tea bags should I use for Jun tea?

You require 2 green tea bags per liter of water for Jun Tea

How to make flavoured Jun tea?

You can flavour your fermented Jun tea with any fruits, herbs and spices. It is best to flavour your Jun Kombucha during the second stage fermentation.

What is the difference between Jun and Kombucha? (is Junboocha the same as kombucha?)

Junboocha and Kombucha require different ingredients and cultures.

What should Jun tea taste like?

Jun tea tastes more delicate than kombucha and has floral notes to it.

Can I use regular SCOBY for Jun Kombucha?

No, you need a Jun Kombucha SCOBY. You cannot ferment Jun tea with a regular SCOBY as it does not have the correct bacteria and yeasts to ferment green tea and honey for Jun tea.

What are the benefits of Jun tea?

Jun tea, like many other fermented drinks, has a different profile of bacteria and yeats. Jun tea can support your gut health which in turn supports your mental, physical and emotional health.

Does Jun tea have caffeine?

There is a little bit of caffeine from the green tea bags.

How much alcohol is in Jun tea?

Jun tea can contain more alcohol than regular kombucha. However, alcohol content in fermented beverages is usually lower than that of fruit juices. Provided you ferment your Jun according to the instruction below, you should not have problems with alcohol content.