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Organic Sourdough Starter

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What is a Sourdough Starter?

A sourdough starter is a mixture of flour and water that is used to make sourdough bread. It is made by feeding your starter equal parts of wheat flour and water, which is left to ferment in a clean jar. The starter is then used in place of store-bought commercial yeast to leaven bread dough through the process of fermentation by wild yeasts. The starter also adds flavor, texture, and a unique aroma to the bread. Sourdough bread is made by combining the starter with bread flour, salt, and water to form a dough. Rye flour, Spelt flour, all-purpose white flour and whole wheat flour can also be used to bake sourdough bread. The dough is then kneaded, shaped, and left to rise. After the bread is baked, the starter is used again for the next batch of bread.

The benefits of using Symbiota's sourdough starter?

Symbiota's sourdough starter is mature and many years old. This increases the depth of flavour and the diversity of probiotic bacteria in comparison to newly created starters. Our already live, active and well-nourished starter takes all the hassle and guesswork of trying to get one started at home. Once you receive your starter, feed it a couple of times per day and it will be ready to bake within a 1-3 days. Once you have baked with it, you can place the starter in the fridge to lessen feeding times.

Our sourdough starters take well to lots of different flours. In house they are fed mostly organic stone ground flour and organic white spelt flour but you can titrate this starter onto a flour of your choice. 

What do I receive in my sourdough starter purchase?

  • 4-6 heaped TBS of Live sourdough starter or the equivalent in dried
  • Sourdough Starter Recipe and Instructions
  • Aftersales support

An organic sourdough option is now available, please select from the dropdown options. 

Alternatively, check out our Starter Sourdough Kit with everything you need to get started. These make wonderful gifts!


  • Please use an urban address where possible.
  • Live and Active Starters are couriered out on Mondays & Tuesdays. 


Spoon of sourdough for making bread

Organic Sourdough Starter


Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
New to sourdough

I’d never made sourdough before but this starter made things easy from the get go! It rose and bubbled right from the start and after storing it in the fridge for a couple of weeks, it was the same good quality second time round. I needed to clarify the instructions, as they weren’t very clear, but once I did, I was away! Would definitely recommend.

Bronwyn Macdonald
Total beginner

Getting better with practice.
The Symbio people are lovely and gave me some good advice.

Sourdough starter

Excellent starter. I followed the instructions to get it going, and, using my usual recipe had my best result ever. Gave some to a friend - she said the same.
Its a Game changer, especially if, like me, your relatively new to sourdough journey

Dried sourdough starter

The first time I tried it, it completely failed (it went gluey, no bubbles, and smelled funky) so I gave it another go and made sure I kept it somewhere warm (inside the oven after I turned the oven off) and I used collected rainwater. It took an extra few days than suggested but now it's lovely and bubbly! Just wanted to give some encouragement to anyone who's may not work within the suggested timeframe, just keep at it.

Home Hepburn
Sourdough starter

As a beginner I expected to have a few teething issues but the starter and recipe worked from the very first try 😁